[video] Sorry Girls – Prettier Things

Sorry Girls, a Montreal duo of Heather Foster Kirkpatrick and Dylan Konrad Obront, is back with a new album, following 2019’s Deborah. Titled Bravo! (pre-order), it’s out June 2 via Arbutus Records.

The new single is already out (it follows the previously released “Breathe”), a vibrant and infectious pop track, described by Kirkpatrick as a “breakup song that’s about honesty, not lying to yourself, and hiding behind prettier truths”.

It is unveiled together with the cool claymation music video, created by Obront himself.

Watch below.

[ep] Born At Midnite – Alternity

Every song on Alternity, a short new extended play by Born At Midnite is so good and catchy that after just a couple of spins you’ll immediately fall in love with it.

The Montreal-based duo of Amery Sandford (Alpen Glow, BBQT) and David Carriere (DVC Refreshments, TOPS) began writing together in late 2018, and with each release they are leveling up on their very own brand of smart, fun and pleasing to the ear independent pop music.

Stream below and buy the EP here.

[album] Marci – Marci

Marta Cikojevic of Montreal soft-rock group TOPS has released her debut self-titled album as Marci, a half an hour of pop perfection ideal for these late Summer days.

Together with TOPS bandmate David Carriere (also of DVC Refreshments), who helped to make this record, they created the essential collection of brilliant synth pop. There are no fillers here, all songs are great and unique, full of great hooks and the exceptional charm of Cikojevic herself.

Along with Carriere and Cikojevic, the release also features Mitch Davis, Rene Wilson, and Austin Tufts (Braids) on drums, and Chloé Soldevila (Anemone), Adam Byczkowski (Better Person), and Jane Penny (TOPS) on backing vocals.

Stream below and purchase the LP on Bandcamp.

[album] Moon King – The Audition

The Audition from Moon King is an entertaining and excellent lesson in lo-fi synth pop, on which Canadian artist Daniel Benjamin runs his voice through a million of software paddles to neatly position it between walls of analog sound.

This is also a concept record, which is described by Benjamin as follows: «I’ve become fascinated with actors, auditioning, ‘trying to get the part’. Things that might seem silly in a high school drama class, but stay with you. Learning how to perform – whether that’s onstage, online, or at a job».

Stream below and get it here, available now through Arbutus Records.

[album] Das Beat – Identität

In the music of Berlin duo Das Beat we can hear how many sound elements can be blended together absolutely organically. There are bits of classic Italo disco, Eurodance, synth pop, some references to dark techno and many more shades of electronic music.

On their debut release Identität (out now via Arbutus), Eddie Rabenberger and Agor (Blue Hawaii) mix their musical skills to great effect and create a truly immersive journey into the sonic past.

This is an honest, eclectic and powerful body of work that shows on its example that it is possible to dance at home in a dark bedroom, even during the toughest lockdown.

Stream below and buy the EP here.