[song] BC Camplight – The Last Rotation Of Earth

The new single from BC Camplight (a project of Brian Christinzio), “The Last Rotation Of Earth”, is a groovy slice of cinematic and psychedelic pop/art rock, with his inimitable style of storytelling and humour.

It is the first song taken from his upcoming new album of the same name, set for release on May 12 via Bella Union. As described, during making it Christinzio’s relationship with his fiancé crumbled after nine inseparable years and the album follows this break-up amid long-term struggles with addiction and mental health.

It is out with the lyric video and follows the musician’s excellent previous LP Shortly After Takeoff (released in 2020).

Listen below and pre-order the record here.

[album] Tim Burgess – Typical Music

You have to be really self-confident to release a 22-song album that lasts almost an hour and a half. Fortunately, this is about Tim Burgess, who did just that, delighting his many fans.

A cult musician, The Charlatans frontman, writer and one of the most popular users on Twitter has already made quite a few solo releases in the 2000s. However, none of them has yet been such a monster (in a good sense) as Typical Music.

On his new record, Tim decided not to disregard any new musical idea, carefully working through and completing each track. And because he has a true talent for writing near-perfect pop songs, what we end up with here is a truly gigantic record full of hits.

It doesn’t make much sense to parse Typical Music into singles or individual tracks, it’s a real adventure that you can enjoy by going through it completely – from beginning to end. The perfect treat for all existing fans, and also a great way to get to know the amazing musician for the first time.

Check it out below and get the LP here, out now on Bella Union.

[video] Tim Burgess – Sure Enough

The Charlatans’ Tim Burgess shares a new song from his upcoming solo double-LP Typical Music, set for release on September 23 via Bella Union.

We have already heard a couple of singles already — the title track, “Here Comes The Weekend”, and now it is time for the third one, “Sure Enough”.

It is released alongside the awesome stop motion video, directed by Callum Scott-Dyson.

Watch it below and pre-order the record here.

[video] Tim Burgess – Typical Music

Tim Burgess has announced the new record Typical Music and released a massive title track. It comes alongside the simple but effective music video, directed by Kevin Godley.

The good news is also that it would be a double album that will feature 22 (!) tracks, created at Rockfield Studios in Wales.

Watch the video below and pre-order the LP here.

[video] Tim Burgess – Here Comes The Weekend

Two years ago Tim Burgess released the brilliant I Love The New Sky and later followed it up with an additional EP Ascent Of The Ascended.

Now it is time for the new record. No announcements have been made just yet, but we already have a lovey first single “Here Comes The Weekend”. It is unleashed with a playful and fun music video, directed by Kevin Godley.

Watch it below and get the track here, out now through Bella Union.