[video] Bo Gritz – RUT

On June 9 London industrial post-punks Bo Gritz will release Chroma, their highly-anticipated debut LP (via Glasshouse Records).

The latest teaser from it (after “Observes and Selects” and “Stored In The Sky”) is an album opener “RUT”, a visceral in-your-face cut that perfectly sets the tone. It is unveiled alongside the experimental accompanying video, created by Gareth Thomas.

Speaking about the track, bassist Benjamin Salt says: “When we all sat around and listened back to the album tracks this was the unanimous choice to be track one, mainly because of the way it just explodes out the speakers. It just stomps really, a sonic battering ram, but I really like how the second half of the song morphs into an almost krautrock, motorik rhythm. You can really just lose yourself in it. Special mention to Nathan Ridley and Max for the production, they both did stellar work and got the track sounding huge. That first minute or two really sets the tone for the rest of the album”.

Watch below and pre-order the record here.