[album] J.G.G. – Temps Mort

J.G.G. is a moniker of Catalan (Barcelona) artist Jordi Gegé, who creates beautiful and kaleidoscopic soundscapes on his brand new album Temps Mort.

Not easily categorized, the LP consists of 13 instrumental and electronic cuts — open your mind and get inside the exciting world of the artist. The record is out now on transparent vinyl & digital platforms, as a collaboration of Cut Surface (Vienna) & Ediciones Populares (Barcelona).

Check it out below and buy the record here.

[album] Sundl – Sundl

Today sees the release of Sundl, a debut self-titled album by the Vienna-based electronic producer Christian Sundl. It is out now via Cut Surface & WSMTML.

With 8 tracks, clocking in at 34 minutes, the album unfolds in a mesmerizing, glacial way, shaping between dark gothic post-punk and ice-cold minimal electronics. An ideal record to get immersed in during this cold and gloomy December.

Listen below and buy it on Bandcamp.