[album] No Age – People Helping People

Not many ongoing bands are as consistent as No Age. They really are the masters of their craft. For more than 15 years, this creative duo of two musicians (Randy Randall & Dean Allen Spunt) goes strong, releases one great album after another, and successfully tours the world. Their lo-fi/noise rock music has always been impressive and has never stood still, but on the new release People Helping People they reach a new level.

No Age live at OFF Festival’18

This album is 33 and a half minutes long and includes 13 songs, many of which sound quite experimental and unexpected from the duo (in the best possible way). Of course, it is impossible to say that this is a big surprise for the listeners and fans of the band. On previous records the duo tried and tested many interesting ideas as well, but for the first time the concentration of songs in a free and such unusual form is so high.

In some places it is a brooding ambient (“Andy Helping Andy”, “Blueberry Barefoot”, “Heavenly”), in some — psychedelic no wave (“You’re Cooked”, “Compact Flashes”), and in a couple of tracks there are the usual elements of melancholic and melodic indie rock with a touch of noise pop (“Tripped Out Before Scott”, “Plastic (You Want It)”). But every song is unmistakenly No Age, and the LP overall is a real blast.

Listen below and purchase the record here, out now via Drag City.

[song] No Age – Feeler

No Age                 No Age performing live at OFF Festival’18

No Age have shared a new single “Feeler” (and a video for it). This track (and the previously released “Turned To String”) mark the first material from the LA band in over two years — and will feature on forthcoming album Goons Be Gone, due this June via Drag City (pre-order it here).

It is a great and noisy banger, which will definitely be appreciated by the band’s fanbase and is truly best experienced when played as loud as possible.

Check it out below.