[album] Dutch Uncles – True Entertainment

Few contemporary bands manage to be so consistently great as Dutch Uncles do. This Manchester group masterfully mixes various influences in their music and combines them into one organic whole.

Their eclectic parade of intricate rhythms, angular guitar lines, and off-kilter song structures are always led by the distinctively high voice of frontman Duncan Wallis, who adds a spark to the instrumentals.

On the group’s latest LP True Entertainment, the recipe for success does not change, with the band once again showcasing their songwriting skills. The intricate arrangements create a sound that is both complex and accessible, and staccato in the choruses works very well. Wallis, as always, fills the songs with references and creative, quotable lyrics.

Stream below and buy the album here.

[song] Dutch Uncles – In Salvia

Manchester-based four-piece Dutch Uncles will release a new album True Entertainment on March 10 via Memphis Industries (pre-order it here).

We have already heard a steady run of new songs — the eponymous track, “Poppin’”, “Tropigala (2 to 5)” and now the band shares a fourth single, “In Salvia”, another brilliant number that also features Anna Prior of Metronomy on backing vocals.

Listen below.

[video] Dutch Uncles – Tropigala (2 to 5)

England’s Dutch Uncles will release a new album, True Entertainment, on March 10 via Memphis Industries.

The latest single from it is “Tropigala (2 to 5)” — an incredibly catchy earworm, released together with the fun music video, directed and edited by Ben Harrison Meek. It features some fun acting and cool dance moves, which reminded visuals for another early Dutch Uncles’ masterpiece “Flexxin”.

The song follows previously unveiled “True Entertainment” and “Poppin’” and also features guest backing vocals from Metronomy’s Anna Prior.

Watch it below and pre-order the record here.

[song] Dutch Uncles – Poppin’

With their new LP True Entertainment arriving on March 10 via Memphis Industries, Manchester art rock/progressive pop outfit Dutch Uncles are giving us a new taster (after the brilliant title track) of what to expect — a fun and hooky new single “Poppin’”.

Elaborating on the track, Duncan Wallis of the band says: “Poppin’ is a minimal take on the age-old anxieties, dread and fear we all experience at certain times – bumping into old faces hungover (or worse, not hungover), taking too long to answer the question ‘you alright?’, forgetting everyone’s name and constantly assessing if old faces were present at any moments of particular cringe in your past”.

Listen below and pre-order the album here.