[video] Humour – jeans

Today sees the release of pure misery, a debut EP by Glaswegian five-piece band Humour. It is out via So Young Records.

With 6 tracks, clocking in at 20 minutes, it is an unstoppable collection of hard-hitting numbers, shaping between contemporary post-punk and loud, chaotic noise rock. An ideal mini-album to get immersed in and reflect on another tough year, with not much brightness ahead of us.

The latest single from it, “jeans”, got a powerful and striking music video, created by Luke Ainger, Fred Qvortrup and Cat Williams.

The group shared the following about the song: “Jeans is about a character who is internally trying to build himself up and convince himself that he’s a successful and confident no-nonsense man. But he periodically has lapses in this forced self-assuredness and realises that he is not any of those things and is in fact quite a sad, pathetic and laughable character. Much like myself”.

Watch it below and purchase the EP here.

[video] Humour – pure misery

If Humour were your friend, they probably wouldn’t miss a word of your conversations together. This ability to notice the smallest details is clearly visible in the new single “pure misery” from the young Glasgow band, where vocalist Andreas Christodoulidis in a very theatrical and satirical way underlines the problems of public speaking.

Here’s what he says about the new single: “I wrote the song about being a singer in a band, and standing up to address lots of people in a very serious way as though I must have something meaningful to relate; something the audience needs to hear. It feels a little ridiculous doing that sometimes, especially when the songs are most often just about stories or feelings. So the narrator of the song is supposed to be trying to convince the audience that he has something very profound to tell them, and he’s kind of stalling until he can come up with something”.

The sharp and nervy track would be a part of their upcoming debut EP with the same title Pure Misery set for release on November 25 via So Young Records (it would also include the previously shared “yeah, mud!” and “alive and well”). It is released in tandem with the music video directed by Luke Ainger and Fred Qvortrup, which sees the band performing outside with Andreas singing in weird locations.

Watch it below and buy the EP here.