[album] Hypoluxo – Hypoluxo

Hypoluxo, a band of four from Brooklyn, have created a very competent post-punk album with lots of melodic creativity, smart lyrics and hypnotic, endlessly repeating rhythms.

With 10 tracks, clocking in at just 27 minutes, it is a short, but a very strong affair that dares to be compact, simple and yet versatile and super energetic. Certainly a record not to be missed.

Stream below and purchase the LP here.

[video] Hypoluxo – Nimbus

Brooklyn outfit Hypoluxo have announced their new album LP3, which is out November 20 (through Terrible Records’ Flexible Distribution), and now you can get acquainted with the latest single out of it, titled “Nimbus”.

It delivers all the post-punk goods, carrying a fidgety sense of urgency & dynamism, and goes together with the music video, directed and edited by Leif Morton.

Watch it below and pre-order the LP3 here.