[ep] Joanie – Neurotica

Rising star Joanie has shared her debut EP Neurotica — a set of four dance anthems, led by the singer’s sweet voice. Produced by Jessica Winter, it is out today on Permanent Creeps Records.

Joanie is obviously in a hurry to some kind of party and we are all invited. The main action begins with a dark pop track “Kerosene”, the chorus of which instantly etches into the memory. The artist is ready to burn through the night away, even if she has to set herself on fire. “I can feel my heart burnin’ / Fill me up with kerosene”, she sings to a dainty saxophone.

As it happens in good stories after a burnt-out night follows “Casino”, where Joanie experiments with backing vocals and rhythm changes. The last track in her collection is the relaxed electropop hit “Your Kind Of Freak” — a showcase of the artist’s theatrical abilities and genre fluidity. Did the dance party end too soon? Press the repeat button.

Listen below and get the EP here.