[song] LIFE – Hull Sky

What could be cooler than a great B-side? Fresh after the release of their latest LP North East Coastal Town, LIFE are back with the brand new song titled “Hull Sky”, which was written during the recording session for the album.

LIFE live in Berlin’19

Speaking of it vocalist Mez Green says: “Hull Sky sneers, stomps and powers along with themes of romance. Whilst it didn’t quite fit the feel of North East Coastal Town, we’re excited to release it as the B-Side to one of our favourite songs off the new album”.

A fresh number backs the latest single and highlight from the record “Shipping Forecast”, which also got the chaotic lo-fi performance music video.

Next week the group would also depart on their huge set of UK and EU tour dates. There would be two shows in Italy — on October 22 in Milan and October 23 in Bologna (find more information about the tickets on the band’s website).

Listen below and get the release here.

[album] LIFE – North East Coastal Town

Nearly 10 years ago LIFE was formed from the ashes of post-punk outfit The Neat, and judging by their newest album North East Coastal Town, they are not only going strong but are also getting better and better.

LIFE live in Berlin’19

The album is devoted to their hometown of Hull and is presented as a homage to the city and its folk. Musically it shows the four-piece at their best and most interesting, as here they experiment with many ideas.

“Friends Without Names” is a cold-blooded, anthemic post-punk stomper (and one of the best songs of the year), “Big Moon Lake” & “The Drug” showcase the group at their most playful, nervy and catchy, and “Duck Egg Blue” is a completely different beast — an introspective, tender and deep ballad. And all the described is not even a half of the record, there is no fillers here and every track deserves close attention.

Starting next month, LIFE will begin the huge UK & European tour, which will last till the end of October. There are two dates in Italy, in Milan on October 22 (at Arci Bellezza) and in Bologna on October 23 (at Freakout Club). Find more information about the tickets here.

Listen to the LP below and purchase it here.

[song] LIFE – Almost Home

LIFE are back with the brand new single titled “Almost Home”.

LIFE live in Berlin’19

Speaking of it vocalist Mez Green says: “Almost Home barks, jolts, jerks and spits with the theme of pining to be home and thus chimes with North East Coastal Town’s over-riding sense of belonging. ‘Taste the difference…feel significant…hold a lifeline, you’re almost home!” Almost Home is a song that wrestles with ego and love, with love winning; ”Recipe, I ain’t a cult recipe”.

A hard-hitting and big number follows the previously released songs “Friends Without Names” and “Big Moon Lake” from the upcoming and highly anticipated new album North East Coastal Town (which is out June 10 through The Liquid Label).

Alongside the release, the group has also announced a huge set of UK and EU tour dates to come later in the year. There would be two dates in Italy — on October 22 in Milan and October 23 in Bologna (find more information about the tickets on the band’s website).

Listen below and pre-order the LP here.

[song] LIFE – Friends Without Names

LIFE have released a new single, titled “Friends Without Names”. The song is described as the anchor and blueprint for the band’s next record, and it is a huge, adventurous 6-minute monster with a dark atmosphere and exciting buildup.

LIFE live in Berlin’19

Loud and atmospheric, it sounds like no other track in the group’s catalog and is probably their best one yet. We cannot wait to hear what they got in store for us on the upcoming LP.

No further announcements have been made just yet, but the quartet has a huge Great Britain tour lined up for December (find the dates here).

Stream the new track below and get it here, out now via The Liquid Label.

[live] LIFE reschedule European tour dates

LIFE (Dec)

LIFE‘s headline EU tour has been rescheduled for November. It will start in Germany (Berlin on November 11) and will also include shows in Italy, Netherlands and France (with the last gig in Bordeaux on November 26).

Life (Band)
LIFE performing live in Berlin’19

The dates in Italy are listed below (one more date in Milan have been added).

  • 20/11 – Verona @ Colorificio Kroen, Verona
  • 21/11 – Turin @ Blah Blah
  • 22/11 – Milan @ Legend Club

Listen and get band’s latest banger “Switching On” here and check out their sophomore record A Picture of Good Health on Bandcamp (if you haven’t already). Make sure to catch them on any of the above dates for the brilliant and energetic performance — the band always give 100% to every gig.