[ep] Signals Feed The Void – Монумент

Signals Feed The Void is a post-punk band from the south of Ukraine (Kherson/Odesa), and they have just shared a new short EP. It consists of two songs about different emotional states: in the first song the hero is looking for strength to move on in life, and in the second lives one day at a time.

The group recorded tracks before the war in the country, and they are sharing it with the following note (below is an excerpt, the full version is available on Bandcamp):

“Two songs are very strongly correlated with what is happening around right now. Old monuments will fall, and new ones will appear in their place. The systematic distortion of reality has to be stopped, and the arrival of new must be accelerated. Destroy the bridges! And those who slow down the fall of old monuments, let them jump into the abyss of the past themselves and remain there forever”.

Stream below and get the release here.