[album] Mediums – Crushing

Brooklyn-based musician Junior Abnert, who is performing under the moniker Mediums, has shared his brand new EP Crushing, described as a concept album all about the nature of new connections between people.

Dream pop tinged, the record goes strong during all the seven songs, never getting stale or boring. Melancholic and deeply personal all the way through, it will make a heart-wrenching soundtrack for the rainy fall season.

Listen below and get the EP on cassette here, out now via Autumn Sounds.

[song] Mediums – Heartrending / Mushy


Junior Abnert, who is performing as Mediums, has followed up his recent track “All Around” (which was featured here a couple of months ago) with a new two-track single.

“Heartrending” and “Mushy” carry on the minimalistic lo-fi appoach but feel more confident and experimental, yet keeping the same calming and nostalgic aesthetics.

Listen below.