[song] Mujuice – Motherland


We don’t usually get much new music in December, but Moscow-based musician Mujuice has prepared an early Christmas present to us all and will release his new record Regress on December 13 via his own imprint Acid Pop (get it here). New single “Motherland” is an addictive, industrial-sounding banger, which perfectly sets the mood for the album.

Listen below and also check out the rave-themed music video for it here (be careful, as it features many strobe lights).

[song] Mujuice – Die Young!


Mujuice has unleashed a new acid house single “Die Young!”, that features the sample of Mister Maloy’s song “Буду пАгибать мАлодым”.

It got released along with a self-titled album, which includes seven remixes from DZA, Quok, Bejenec and other electronic musicians (there is a music video for the song too).

Listen below and buy it here.