[ep] Opus Kink – My Eyes, Brother!

Fun, debauched, deranged etc. — many words can help describe the spirit of Opus Kink’s new EP My Eyes, Brother! which are all correct but they won’t give a full picture of how they sound (on record and also live, which is probably the best way to experience this band).

The generous 7-track release is a true gem of garage rock and punk, jazz and everything else you can imagine. From the opening track “Chains”, Opus Kink throw everything in the mix and grab you with catchy instrumentation and sing-along choruses, showcasing their undeniable talent in translating raw energy and inspiration into brilliantly recorded audio material.

Stream below and buy the EP here, out now via Nice Swan Records.

[song] Hallan – The Colline Gate

Photo by Will Hutchinson

With their new EP The Noise Of A Firing Gun arriving on June 2 via Nice Swan Records, Portsmouth quartet Hallan is sharing the second teaser of what to expect (after “Unwomanly Face of War”) — an energetic post-punk gem “The Colline Gate”. It features driving drums, pulsing guitars and some electronic elements, refreshing the band’s sound and creating a sense of urgency and momentum.

Elaborating on the new track, inspired by the ancient events, frontman Conor Clements said:

“The sinister and foreboding shadow of ‘The Colline Gate’ remains cast upon the terrifying truth that lurks beneath. Our foray into a more electronic sound comes by way of Ancient Rome’s debauched past times and the Vestal Virgins who met their untimely end beneath this mysterious landmark. The Vestals of Rome embodied both purity and sanctity, tending to the flame of Vesta as untouchable priestesses. Vestals found to break Rome’s strict rules were subject to a live burial beneath The Colline Gate”.

Stream below and pre-order the EP here.

[song] splint – Awaiting Hills

Splint’s debut single was “Military Procedures”, which was followed by “145” last October. Despite their short history, there already have been some line-up changes, but what matters is that they survived and sound very confident and strong.

On “Awaiting Hills”, the newest offering from the group led by Jake Bogacki, they continue on their own brand of post-punk, open and widescreen, injected with driving guitar riffs and pounding drums, creating a frenzied and chaotic atmosphere. It feels like the band is using the song as a blank canvas, painting new sketches on it with their instruments along the way. The result is powerful and truly liberating.

Check it out below and get the track here, out now via Nice Swan Records.

[song] English Teacher – R&B

Leeds-based post-punk outfit English Teacher have shared an infectious and dynamic single “R&B”, a propulsive and unstoppable number that sets the bar high and makes us very excited about what they have got in store for us next.

Stream below and get the track here, out now via Nice Swan Records.