[video] Fontaines D.C. – The Couple Across The Way

Earlier this year Dublin band Fontaines D.C. released their excellent third LP Skinty Fia (via Partisan Records), which they once again recorded with producer Dan Carey. Now they are sharing a dreamy new video for the album’s standout, a melancholic accordion tune “The Couple Across The Way”. It was conceptualized by frontman Grian Chatten and directed by Polocho.

Fontaines D.C. live in Parma’21

Grian says about the song/video: “I was living in a tiny little flat in North London with my girlfriend and there was this Hitchcock-esque view of an elderly couple across from us. They had these blazing arguments that sent pigeons flying around, and after each one the man in the couple would come out onto this little balcony he had and just breathe for about 10 minutes. I couldn’t help but imagine it as a reflection of myself and my girlfriend in years to come, and ourselves as a reflection of a younger, happier version of them”.

Fontaines D.C. are also touring non-stop this year. The band have just begun a series of live dates in the USA, before heading onto their highly anticipated UK dates in November, after which they would also be performing in Australia, New Zealand and Japan early next year (find more information about the shows/tickets on their website).

Watch the video below and buy Skinty Fia here.

[video] Fontaines D.C. – I Love You

Recently Dublin band Fontaines D.C. announced they were returning with a new album called Skinty Fia (via Partisan Records), which they once again recorded with producer Dan Carey.

Fontaines D.C. live in Parma’21

So far, we have heard the lead single “Jackie Down The Line” and now, ahead of the LP arriving on April 22, the group shares another preview of it, poetic and anthemic “I Love You”. The single is released alongside the powerful music video, directed by Sam Taylor.

The vocalist Grian Chatten describes the song as “the first overtly political song we’ve written. It’s standing in the centre of our beloved home country as a multitude of things are brought to tragic ends in an apocalyptic state of affairs. That’s how it feels to me, and what I felt when I wrote it”.

Fontaines D.C. will also embark on the big European tour soon, which will include one date in Milan @ Magazzini Generali on March 23 and two more dates later in the summer (in Milan on June 8 and in Padova on August 16).

Watch it below and pre-order/pre-save the album here.