[album] Gabe Gurnsey – Diablo

Last week Gabe Gurnsey (Factory Floor) unveiled his second solo record Diablo, which is out now through Phantasy Sound. A brilliant follow-up to PHYSICAL was created by Gabe together with his girlfriend, Tilly Morris, whose role is that of both muse and collaborator.

It is the best electronic release we heard this year — an absolute must-have album for everyone who likes big, ravey and bombastic sound. It has the spirit of the latest Factory Floor records but is massively boosted by Gabe’s own acidic style and charm.

Diablo is a long album, clocking in at around 53 minutes, but it passes so smoothly that it is impossible not to put it on a constant repeat. It is full of hooks that put the listener in a trance-like state and it is an appropriate record for all settings, whether it’s a solo listening at home, on the road, or at a noisy party. A pure and grandiose masterpiece.

Check it out below and purchase the LP here.

[video] Nation of Language – The Grey Commute

Ahead of next month’s release of the new album A Way Forward on November 5, Nation of Language have shared another of its tracks, a stellar new wave cut “The Grey Commute”.

It is released alongside probably their best and definitely their funniest music video so far, which features fantastic acting performances by the trio and also a great dose of dark humour. It is directed by Gary Canino (aka Dark Tea).

Talking about the new song, songwriter/vocalist Ian Devaney said:

«In some ways “The Grey Commute” is one of the more upbeat songs of the record, but in truth it’s one that was born out of much more depressing stuff. As I was working on the lyrics I had a kind of fixation on terrible tax policies, our cultural addiction to meaningless consumption, and it all got swept together into this punchy, kind of fun track».

Watch below and pre-order the LP here.

[album] Brodka – Brut

For her fifth LP, Polish artist Monika Brodka teamed up with her English friends, first recording a fantastic track with Dan Carey & Scottibrains, and then releasing a new English-language album Brut. It was produced by Oli Beiston, known for his project Boxed In and his work on releases by Kelly Lee Owens, Spiritualized and Toy.

The fresh record of singer-songwriter is saturated with retro music elements: she masterfully fuses her pop sensibilities with synth lines, coldwave grooves and angular guitars. It results in a stunning record full of catchy songs and glorious art direction with a strong personality and contemporary touch.

Stream below and buy the album here.

[video] Blanketman – Leave the South

Check out the excellent new track from Manchester band Blanketman, which is taken from their upcoming debut EP National Trust, produced by Luke Smith. It is out March 19 via [PIAS] Recordings and is available for pre-order here.

The song is released together with the cool lyric video directed by Ksenia Kirsta with the animation by Octavio Rivadeneyra.

Watch it below.