[album] Polje – Kombinezon

Ukrainian artist Viktor Konstantinov, who is releasing music under the moniker Polje, is today sharing his new album Kombinezon (“jumpsuit” in English) through Odesa record label система | system.

Despite the ongoing war in the country started by Russia, the Ukrainian independent music scene is alive and phenomenal albums like this are being released. Read a part of the statement from Viktor below and support Ukraine now, if you can.

“My name is Viktor, I am a self-taught musician from Odesa, Ukraine. I started recording and posting my first songs on the Internet somewhere around 2013. Polje is my main alias, under which I release music and perform in the format of electronic live or as a DJ since 2017. “

Kombinezon” (“jumpsuit” in English) is the first LP under this name. This album is a soup that took time to gather ingredients: traveling, sitting at home, trying to experience life in the capital, the opportunity to look at the context of the hometown from the outside, catching influences from art, literature, and more. It turns out that I belong to the type of musicians who find it difficult to work in one style. I rarely manage to do something whole and at the same time relatively large in volume. But this time I solved this problem for myself: gradually I identified the basic set of sounds, instruments, and ways to use them. Then the sound produced easily absorbed the rest of the colorful community – as a comfortable jumpsuit. Kyiv / Odesa 2021-2022″.

Read the full text and buy the album on Bandcamp.

[ep] Polje – Sorrow


Viktor Konstantinov from Ukraine released an excellent new EP under his Polje moniker (via Worn Pop), on which he skillfully finds the balance between coldwave, dance and synth pop sound, mixed together with engaging and somewhat abstract lyricism. 

Stream below and get it on Bandcamp.

[video] Polje – The Woman Suit

The new video for Женский Костюм (The Woman Suit) from Kyiv-based artist Polje is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Same as the song, unique and immediately appealing.

Watch it below and check out the full EP, from which the track is taken, here. The video clip was directed by Yegor Parker.

[song] Polje – Schengen


Young Ukrainian producer Polje has released the first single from the new EP Schengen, which is set to release in June via Worn Pop. The eponymous track is described as a lyrically rhythmic post-ghetto sketch about the desire to be not here and not now.

Get the track here and stream it below. Viktor Konstantinov, the man behind the project, will perform new songs already tonight at the LOW x WORN POP event in Kyiv.

[video] Sadlikedead – Coffin

Sadlikedead is the new project of Viktor Konstantinov, a Ukrainian lo-fi punk musician and outsider pop enthusiast, well-known for his work in such projects as Yoro King, Polje and Local Joke.

“Coffin”, tagged as kraut rap, is the first track recorded by him under the new moniker.  It was released alongside a conceptual music video, which you can watch above.