[video] Pozi – Pest Control

London-based outfit Pozi will release a new album Smiling Pools on May 19 via PRAH Recordings (pre-order it here).

We have already heard a steady run of new songs — “Slightly Shaking Cells”, “Failing”, “M6 Toll” and now the trio shares a fourth single, “Pest Control”, another excellent number that goes much beyond post-punk boundaries and showcases Pozi’s ability to mix punk, avant-garde, electronic, and art rock elements into a cohesive and distinctive sound.

The track is out with the music video, directed and animated by wubacub.

Watch below.

[video] Pozi – Failing

Pozi, the trio of Rosa Brook, Toby Burroughs, and Tom Jones, is back with a new album, following 2021’s Typing EP. Titled Smiling Pools (pre-order), it’s out May 19 via PRAH Recordings.

The new single is already out (it follows the previously released “Slightly Shaking Cells”), an inventive and forward-thinking “Failing”, which as described, grapples with how 12 years of Tory power have entrenched people in the UK with homelessness, poverty and division.

It is unveiled together with the music video, a collaboration between Kate Bilbow (2D animation and storyboard) and Toby Burroughs (stop motion and post-production)

Watch below.

[song] Pozi – Slightly Shaking Cells

Last year UK minimal post-punk trio Pozi released their outstanding EP Typing (through PRAH Recordings) and now looks like they are gearing up to provide us with a new body of work.

No announcements have been made just yet, but we already have a fantastic first single “Slightly Shaking Cells” — a dark, claustrophobic & repetitive hit and a great addition to the fall and winter playlists.

Speaking of it, the band says: “This song is inspired by figures such as Boudica, Cleopatra and Xena the Warrior Princess, and the kind of immortality you can create through believing in your own strength. The song then switches to someone admiring another person from afar, zooming into everyday existence away from matters of life and death”.

Alongside the song, Pozi have also shared a video for it, created by Kara Hondong, an artist working in the field of painting and digital moving image creation.

Stream below and get the track here.

[song] Pozi – Typing

Experimental post-punk outfit Pozi shares a groovy and claustrophobic title track from their upcoming extended play Typing, set for release on October 29 through PRAH Recordings.

It follows previously released “Sea Song” & “Detainer Man” and the title of the song references “the anxious feeling of seeing “Typing…” appearing on WhatsApp when locked into an argument with someone”. Speaking of it, the group said:

«Eventually you can be trapped in a back and forth of bitterness which you can’t escape from unless your tormentor relents or you turn off the phone».

Listen below and pre-order the EP here.

[video] Pozi – Detainer Man

On October 29 experimental post-punk outfit Pozi will release Typing, their highly anticipated new EP on PRAH Recordings.

We have heard the first single (“Sea Song”) already and now the London trio is back with another offering — claustrophobic and punchy “Detainer Man”. It was released alongside the accompanying visuals, directed & animated by Dylan Copeland and described by him as a video “about the ghosts of police officers taking revenge on society by rising from the dead to wreak havoc on Dystopia”.

Watch it below and pre-order the release here.