[album] E. Björklund – Låtar från en svunnen tid

Sometimes you do not need to understand a word in a foreign language to appreciate a great record. This is exactly the case with Swedish singer-songwriter Erik Björklund‘s debut album Låtar från en svunnen tid (Songs from the past), released earlier this month through Rama Lama Records.

The musician describes it as a personal album that documents the process of figuring out who he is as a 25-30-year old and new in the Stockholm underground scene. He treats the LP as a sort of time capsule about his own personal journey and relationships with music.

Starting with a catchy lead single “På min cykel” (On my bike) it is hard to go wrong. It greatly sets the mood for the record, that in just 25 minutes confidently shapes up to be a strong niche release with enough hooks, reverb and charm to satisfy your daily intake of indie rock.

Stream below and purchase the LP here.

[song] Talking Flowers – Storytelling & Bedroom Wall

In 2021 Malmö musician Astrid Lagerstedt shared her debut release under the moniker Talking Flowers, and now she is following it up with a brand new double single “Storytelling” b/w “Bedroom Wall”. Out now on Rama Lama Records, it was recorded in the legendary Tambourine Studios in Malmö (bob hund, The Cardigans etc.) and produced by Joar Sylvan.

Both tracks are stunningly beautiful pieces that demonstrate the musician’s exceptional talent as a songwriter and vocalist. The songs’ dreamy, introspective sound and poignant lyrics make them stand out in the current indie landscape and are a must-listen for fans of vintage psychedelic pop.

Listen below and get the release here.

[video] Gula Blend – Helt hel

In 2020 Swedish band Gula Blend (named after the infamous Swedish cigarette band) released their great debut album Inte idag (via Rama Lama Records) and now looks like they are gearing up to provide us with a new body of work.

No announcements have been made just yet, but we already have a fantastic first single “Helt hel” — an extremely fun and energetic garage/indie rock slice. It is released with a cool animated video, made by Jonathan Bjurbo.

Watch below and get the track here.

[song] Mary Anne’s Polar Rig – It Goes

Photo by Ebba Agren

In about a month and a half, fuzzy Malmö art rockers Mary Anne’s Polar Rig will release Makes You Wonder, their sophomore album and the first one as a duo. It will be out March 24 via Rama Lama Records and available on CD and a limited gatefold double vinyl.

We have already heard singles “Dopamine Detox” & “Summer Girl”, and now the two-piece shares another preview, “It Goes”. It is a shapeshifting number that starts slowly and progresses along the way, comfortably mixing slow and quiet moments with a rich and expressive art rock sound.

The song also arrives ahead of the band’s debut UK shows that will be held in London at the Cavendish Arms on February 17 and at the Shacklewell Arms on February 18.

Listen below and pre-order the album here.

[song] JERKA – Lustigkurren

Photo by Stina Norberg

When not performing in the garage-tinged indie band Gula Blend, Malmö DIY musician Jesper Pettersson puts out great solo stuff as JERKA, where he can freely experiment with his sound and ideas.

After releasing a self-titled debut album in 2022, Jesper is now back with the fresh single “Lustigkurren” (Swedish for character/joker/wisecracker). It is a fuzzy, heady garage stomper that goes big and that is best played really-really loud.

Listen below and get the track here.