[album] Per och Olof – Rädd häst

R​ä​dd h​ä​st is a new compilation by the artist Per-Olof, which includes all his songs to date. It was finalized by him in Joakim Lindberg’s (Wy, Arre Arre, Hey Elbow etc.) studio in Malmö and is out now digitally and on a very limited CD via Rama Lama Records.

This nearly 30-minute release offers a stellar collection of psychedelic pop jewels, crafted meticulously and skillfully.

Unfortunately, not knowing Swedish it is hard to know what the songs are about, but they feel storytelling-driven and are very well seasoned by the sun-kissed and melodic guitars, folky arrangements and overall adventurous vibe. Great stuff.

Stream below and purchase the compilation here.

[song] Per och Olof – Jag kan komma till

Photo by Christine Björk

A new cut from Per och Olof (Swedish for Per and Olof) beckons the listener with its adventurous, melodic guitars and smooth, calming and dreamy vocals. The result is a short, but masterfully crafted psychedelic pop gem of the highest quality.

The song would be a part of R​ä​dd h​ä​st compilation by Swedish artist Per-Olof. It will include all his songs to date that he finalized in Joakim Lindberg’s (Wy, Arre Arre, Hey Elbow etc.) studio in Malmö. It is set for release on September 23 both digitally and on a very limited CD via Rama Lama Records.

Listen below and pre-order the compilation here.

[song] Melby – Music Should Feel

Today sees the release of “Music Should Feel” by Stockholm quartet Melby. It is a truly beautiful and measured indie pop piece, in the center of which shine delicate vocals of Matilda Wiezell, and the whole melody is marvelously decorated with some saxophone and sonorous xylophone.

Wiezell herself says about the song: “’Music Should Feel’ is a song about love, missing someone, and processing those feelings. Acceptance, a tribute to past experiences, and the hope for new good ones. The song came together over quite a long period, was forgotten for a while, and then was brought back to life, and got its chorus, after a lot of rehearsal and attempts at making a demo”

The single serves as the first taste of Looks like a map, an upcoming LP by the group, set for release on October 21 through Rama Lama Records.

Stream below and pre-order the album here.

[album] Guds Pengar – Solens uppgång och fall

The original Guds Pengar line-up that released Solens uppgång och fall on their Bandcamp in 2015

Earlier this month Rama Lama Records released a real jewel of Swedish underground music — the debut EP from 2015 by Malmö DIY band Guds Pengar titled Solens uppgång och fall. The remastered album features the awesome lead single “Komet”, and also the first ever release of live favorite “Borgatroll”.

The collection is out now, both digitally as well as on a deluxe CD together with the group’s 2020 debut album Granar som flyr staden. An absolute must-have for the lovers of melodic and loud indie rock.

Stream below and buy the albums on Bandcamp.

[video] NOVA BLAST – IndoorSong

“IndoorSong”, a brand new single from the Swedish duo NOVA BLAST strikes fast and hard. It is filled with heavy guitars and loud drums, it is catchy and beautiful.

The song is taken from Eccolalia, their upcoming debut LP, which is set for release on September 16 via Rama Lama Records.

Watch the video for the track below and pre-order the record here.