[album] Popstrangers – In Spirit

The new LP from Popstrangers came in as a very pleasant surprise for us that we did not expect. The London-via-New-Zealand outfit made a lot of noise back in the early 2010s when they released two brilliant albums — Antipodes in 2013 and Fortuna in 2014. Both consisted of fantastic songs, some of which I am still playing from time to time (“Country Kills” is one of my all-time favourites).

And now we have In Spirit (out via Rice Is Nice), a brand new record from the group, ten new pieces of which were written over the summer of 2018-19 in rural New Zealand. They still sound amazing and kick it off, landing somewhere between psychedelic pop, lo-fi, noise and indie rock of the 90s, successively mixing it into the cohesive, hazy and organic whole. Great stuff for this hot Summer!

Check it out below and buy the album here.