[song] Sivu – Overtime Lover

Photo by Em Marcovecchio

With his new album Wild Horse Running arriving on June 9 via Square Leg Records, Sivu, aka British songwriter James Page, shares another taster from it — a soothing and deeply personal song “Overtime Lover”, framed with introspective lyrics and skilfully crafted instrumentation.

Elaborating more on the creation of a single and its inspiration, Page said:

“Overtime Lover is the oldest song from the new record and actually took shape just before I went on tour. I then road tested it extensively whilst on a beautiful tour with Fenne Lily, Paul Thomas Saunders and Siv Jakobsen. Paul was incredibly complimentary of the track and we always flirted with the idea of collaborating on something as I have always loved his production. Fast forward 3 years, I left the track with Paul and he created a magical landscape for the song to sit in which I adored from the moment I heard it.

The song is based around this idea of how much of ourselves we have to give to someone else when you are in relationship – and sometimes you crave just to keep a little bit of yourself just for you. It’s lyrically quite blunt but this was an important process for my head and was imperative I got it out. I had no aspirations lyrically to dress it up, and probably from the whole album this song cuts the deepest”.

Listen below and pre-order the record here.