[song] Per och Olof – Jag kan komma till

Photo by Christine Björk

A new cut from Per och Olof (Swedish for Per and Olof) beckons the listener with its adventurous, melodic guitars and smooth, calming and dreamy vocals. The result is a short, but masterfully crafted psychedelic pop gem of the highest quality.

The song would be a part of R​ä​dd h​ä​st compilation by Swedish artist Per-Olof. It will include all his songs to date that he finalized in Joakim Lindberg’s (Wy, Arre Arre, Hey Elbow etc.) studio in Malmö. It is set for release on September 23 both digitally and on a very limited CD via Rama Lama Records.

Listen below and pre-order the compilation here.

[song] Japanese Television – Sputnik Swimming (Pye Corner Audio Remix)

Fresh after the release of their latest cosmic album Space Fruit Vineyard, UK’s number 1 space surf collective Japanese Television have announced a collection of remixes on the songs from it.

It is set for release on November 25 via Tip Top Recordings, and the first single from it is Pye Corner Audio’s immense remix of “Sputnik Swimming”.

The record would also include reworks from such musicians as Gabe Gurnsey (whose new record is out next week), Parachute Girl (Simone Marie from Primal Scream), Sen Morimoto, The Orielles, Joshua James, Primitive Ignorant (Sym Gharial from the cult 00’s band The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster), psychedelic wizard Noon Garden and house legend Justin Robertson.

Stream below and pre-order the release here.

[song] Sinead O’Brien – Like Culture (Faris Badwan Rework)

“Like Culture” by Sinead O’Brien is the centerpiece of her fascinating debut album Time Bend and Break The Bower, and now the brilliant single also gets a rework by Faris Badwan from The Horrors.

He deconstructs the original song and shifts it to the darker and more minimal side of the spectrum, making it an industrial techno highlight for moody discotheques.

Stream below and get the track here.

[song] Blood Wizard – Too Late For The Disco

Photo by Adrian Vitelleschi Cook

On September 16 Blood Wizard will release his new EP Imaginary House via Moshi Moshi Records. It follows his outstanding debut LP Western Spaghetti from last year and will include six more inventive and unique pieces from Cai Burns, an artist behind the moniker.

We have already heard “Imaginary House”, “The Slip” and now it is time for one final preview of an upcoming release — the folky and storytelling-driven “Too Late For The Disco”. This track once again shows the talent of an artist who is able to successfully complement the elements of classic folk with his innovative, creative and most modern approach to songwriting.

Listen below and pre-order the EP here.

[song] Soup! – Daily Bread

Influenced heavily by Fire Engines’ Codex Teen Premonition, The Horrors’ Strange House, and The Cramps’ Off The Bone, the new song “Daily Bread” from Manchester outfit Soup! is a wiry and punchy two-minute ripper that will get you in the mood right away. Not a second is wasted in this pragmatic and acute post-punk jewel.

The band comments: “‘Daily Bread’ is a short, sharp, and succinct expression of boredom and monotony. The lyrics, vocal melody, and prowling instrumental, circle notions of family, friends, religion, and art verse by verse”.

Stream below and get the track here.