[song] E. Björklund – På min cykel

Swedish singer-songwriter Erik Björklund (known as the leader of Delsbo Beach Club and Blodmyren) has returned to Rama Lama Records with a new solo single “På min cykel” (On my bike).

An instantly appealing and melodic indie rock number, it is the first song taken out of his upcoming collection Låtar från en svunnen tid (Songs from the past) which is set for release digitally and on a limited CD on April 14.

Speaking of it, Erik says: “På min cykel” is about “the sense of freedom you get after a bike ride. I wrote this song instantly after coming home from a long journey by bike, recording it while still sweaty and a bit dizzy.

The record is called ‘Låtar från en svunnen tid” (Songs from the past) and as the title suggests it is a collection of older material, most of them over two years old and some way older than that. They are about the process of figuring out who I am as a 25-30-year old and new in the Stockholm underground scene. It is easy to get lost and forget who you really are. The lyrics deal with the slow therapeutic processing of a life with both bright and dark moments and facing those as you grow and are becoming an “adult for real”. It is also about a journey where I lost the joy in making music and finding my way back”.

Listen below and pre-order the release here.

[song] Teleman – Good Time / Hard Time

With their new album Good Time / Hard Time arriving on April 7 on Moshi Moshi Records, UK trio Teleman is giving us another taster of what to expect — a slice of brilliant and groovy indie pop in the form of a new self-titled single. It follows the previously released songs “Short Life” and “Easy Now I’ve Got You”.

Elaborating on the track, the band says: “It’s a retrospective look at something that you can only achieve once you’ve passed through the storm. ‘Dark clouds gathered round but I grew so tall my head came out, now trouble seems far away’. Sometimes relationships are like addictions – they are compulsive and we get tangled up in them and keep doing it even though we know they are harmful. But the chorus is actually a celebration of the experience because it’s best to remember the good times”.

Stream below and pre-order the record here.

[song] M(h)aol – Therapy

Having teased us already with the punchy single “Asking For It”, Ireland’s five-piece M(h)aol share another stunning cut “Therapy”.

M(h)aol live in Milan’22

It is taken from the group’s upcoming and highly-anticipated album Attachment Styles, set for release on February 3, and described as a record about social connection, queerness and healing. It follows their acclaimed debut EP Gender Studies, released back in 2021.

Describing the new song, vocalist Róisín says: “I wanted to write Therapy as a light-hearted addition to the album, dealing with a very real subject matter. It came from a conversation I had with a friend who was talking about a loved one not turning up to therapy, even though they were why she was in therapy, and I was thinking about people in our lives who are the reason we go to therapy and how we can often heal in spite of them”.

Listen below and pre-order the LP here.

[song] Pale Blue Eyes – More

Last year UK trio Pale Blue Eyes released their outstanding LP Souvenirs (via Full Time Hobby) and now they are following it up with the brand new single “More”.

It continues exactly where the band left off on their album and provides some extra of what they do best — krauty and dreamy shoegaze pop music for our listening pleasure.

Stream below and get the track here.

[song] SLUG – Instant Reaction

Sunderland-based artist Ian Black aka SLUG is sharing his brand new single “Instant Reaction”, which serves as the latest taster of his forthcoming LP Thy Socialite! It follows the previously released tracks “Casual Cruelty” and “Cut of Your Jib” and proves to be a truly instant hit — big, fun and masterfully arranged.

Speaking of it, Ian says: “Lyrically, “Instant Reaction” is a call against laziness and inaction. The World is not your mam and dad, it doesn’t pick you up and wipe your nose. It doesn’t care. Things don’t happen instantly because you ‘want’ it to or because it ‘should’. Thanks for listening to my motivational speech”.

The record would also be the first release on the Brewis brothers’ (Field Music) label Daylight Saving Records and will be available on LP, CD and limited edition Dinked version (signed print, hand numbered and on brain surgery red vinyl).

Listen below and pre-order the album here.