[song] Teleman – Good Time / Hard Time

With their new album Good Time / Hard Time arriving on April 7 on Moshi Moshi Records, UK trio Teleman is giving us another taster of what to expect — a slice of brilliant and groovy indie pop in the form of a new self-titled single. It follows the previously released songs “Short Life” and “Easy Now I’ve Got You”.

Elaborating on the track, the band says: “It’s a retrospective look at something that you can only achieve once you’ve passed through the storm. ‘Dark clouds gathered round but I grew so tall my head came out, now trouble seems far away’. Sometimes relationships are like addictions – they are compulsive and we get tangled up in them and keep doing it even though we know they are harmful. But the chorus is actually a celebration of the experience because it’s best to remember the good times”.

Stream below and pre-order the record here.

[song] Teleman – Easy Now I’ve Got You

Having teased us already with the lead single “Short Life”, English trio Teleman shares another cut “Easy Now I’ve Got You” from their upcoming new LP (first one in 5 years). It is a big and atmospheric indie pop number that carries in it everything that we like about this group.

Singer and guitarist Thomas Sanders explains the meaning behind the track: ““Easy Now I’ve Got You” deals with the theme of building a safe and comfortable life alone, but realising that it’s ultimately unfulfilling because you have to put your neck on the line and risk being hurt in order to experience meaningful relationships. I think the whole meaning of life is making and nurturing connections”.

Good Time / Hard Time will be out April 7 through Moshi Moshi Records. The band also announced a slew of UK dates for next year. Get early access to tickets by pre-ordering the album on their website.

Listen to the single below.

[video] Teleman – Short Life

England’s Teleman will release a new album, Good Time / Hard Time, on April 7 through Moshi Moshi Records.

Along with an announcement the now three-piece (Jonny Sanders departed earlier to focus on his film and design work) also shared the music video for one of the tracks, an anthemic “Short Life”. It follows Tom Sanders of the band on a beautiful October afternoon, driving out into the Essex countryside armed with an action cam.

Watch it below and pre-order the record here.

[video] Teleman – Simple Like Us

Now performing as a trio (ex-member Jonny Sanders has departed earlier this year to focus on his film and design work, he also creates and directs the group’s music video, including this one), Teleman will release a new EP Sweet Morning on November 5 via Moshi Moshi (pre-order it here).

We have already heard a steady run of new songs — “Right As Rain”, “Sweet Morning”, and now the band shares a third single, “Simple Like Us”, the first track recorded for the release. Speaking of it, Thomas Sanders (the singer and guitarist) says:

«Recently news stories about conflicts in other countries remind me of how lucky we are in the UK to have relative peace and freedom, but also is a hymn to staying at home and ignoring the ever turbulent and often confusing stream of information from news and social media».

It comes together with a nice music video. Watch it below.

[song] Teleman – Sweet Morning

Now performing as a trio (ex-member Jonny Sanders has departed earlier this year to focus on his film and design work), Teleman return with another earworm, a title track from their upcoming EP on Moshi Moshi Records — Sweet Morning. It follows the previously released “Right As Rain”.

Produced by Al Doyle and Joe Goddard of Hot Chip, the initial idea of the track came to Thomas Sanders in a half-awake state while he was relaxing on a beach in Italy. It is a playful, infectious electronic pop song that features really sweet lyriсs and another brilliant vocal performance from him.

Listen below and pre-order the EP here.