[song] The Creature Appeal – No Fun

No Fun

The Creature Appeal’s newest single “No Fun” finds the band feeling comfortable in their indie rock aesthetic, drenched in sweet melancholy, catchy hooks and memorable melodies.

Listen below and revisit their great last year’s EP here. This British outfit is on the rise, and we should be looking out for more songs from them soon.

[album] The Creature Appeal – You Shouldn’t, But I Know You Probably Will

The Creature Appeal.jpg

The Creature Appeal’s debut EP, You Shouldn’t, But I Know You Probably Will, has been released a couple of days ago and it’s excellent stuff, which hits dead on for a solid debut release from a band you are sure to hear more from.

It is fun, catchy and possesses real anthemic quality and the electricity needed to put it on a constant repeat.

Stream it below and follow the band on Facebook and Twitter.

[song] The Creature Appeal – On My Mind

The Creature Appeal

The Creature Appeal from Birmingham have premiered debut single “On My Mind” which clearly shows the band’s ability to craft memorable tunes with catchy riffs and choruses that stick in the listeners’ heads.

The song is 5 minutes long but it doesn’t waste any second due to the band’s thrilling sound and strong songwriting. Listen below.