[song] Siv Disa – Fools

Siv Disa is back with a new single, which is the first new music from an artist since her brilliant debut album Dreamhouse dropped at the end of 2021.

The song, titled “Fools”, is a dark ambient pop number that showcases Disa’s stunning vocals and songwriting abilities. A hauntingly beautiful jewel, it delivers a clear message of the artist’s inner conflict and feelings of detachment. The production is equally impressive, with an atmospheric sound that perfectly complements Siv Disa’s vocals.

Check it out below, out now on Trapped Animal Records.

[song] Tape Runs Out – Ode to Barry

Tape Runs Out sign with Trapped Animal Records, and to celebrate it the group shares a new single “Ode to Barry”. It is a very special folk-tinged indie pop song dedicated to lead singer and producer Liam Goodrum-Bell’s pet bearded dragon, lil Barry.

In addition to that, the group went further and have created an experience quest/game titled “Barry Quest”, which features the titular lizard. By completing it you would be able to unlock and watch the music video for the track.

Listen below and get the song here.

[video] Stars and Rabbit – Merry Alone

Be careful, the new soothing song “Merry Alone” from Indonesian duo Stars and Rabbit can anchor in your heart for a long time. Its lulling guitar melodies and the sweet voice of lead singer, Elda Suryani, create a truly immersive musical journey from which you will never want to return to reality.

The track is taken from the band’s freshly announced new album “On Different Days”, set to be released on June 25 through Trapped Animal Records. It also goes with the accompanying video, which was created in collaboration with Aaska Productions and directed by Merry Wijaya.

Watch it below and pre-order the LP here.

[video] noid – reverse

Japanese surrealist rock band noid have presented their new single “reverse”, a kaleidoscopic and shimmering offering that sees the group once again breaking the boundaries and proving their reputation of being the complex builders of melodies with the ability to surprise listeners with each new song.

Released through &Records and Trapped Animal Records, the song follows last year’s number “1983-2020-” and goes together with an accompanying video directed by Takayuki Kojima.

Watch it below.

[song] Sunday Driver – Time Machine


The Cambridge-based septet Sunday Driver return with the new single “Time Machine” (out now via Trapped Animal Records), on which the band excellently showcase the signature and exotic sound that they have mastered.

The first track from upcoming record Sun God explores the concepts of space and time, and their mix of rock and eastern instruments with lead singer Chandy Nath’s storytelling gets stuck in your head immediately. It is full of energy, rhythm and exciting turns along the way.

Listen below and download it on Bandcamp.