[song] Ugly – The Wheel

Photo by Nicole Estella Ibáñez

Kickstart your week with something special — dive into a spectacular audio adventure that is the new piece from London’s Ugly, “The Wheel”.

This 7+ minute descent into the unknown is impossible to pigeonhole in any genre or style and it hits really hard. The song shows the amazing growth of the group, who now are fully ready to embark on a journey of their own. It is very exciting to hear what they got in store for us next.

Speaking about the single, guitarist/Vocalist Samuel Goater explains: “The Wheel is a song that shows-off the band’s lineup, boasting the best it can offer and playing in favour of many of the singers’ choral background. Painting a sinister cultish image tied to nature and the elements, ‘The wheel’ explores themes which the band explore in a number of songs in their current live show”.

Listen below.