[album] Unthank : Smith – Nowhere And Everywhere

Consisting of Maxïmo Park’s Paul Smith and Rachel Unthank of The Unthanks, Unthank : Smith release their collaborative album Nowhere And Everywhere. It is a beautiful collection of folk songs which showcase the duo’s introspective, emotive songwriting and their distinctive vocals that work together perfectly.

Vocals and storytelling are truly in the spotlight here, and you cannot help but admire the work the pair did on those elements. Three pieces on Nowhere And Everywhere go unaccompanied, giving a very authentic and powerful feel to it. The overall result is a deeply moving and authentic record.

Recorded by David Brewis of Field Music, the album also features Faye MacCalman of emerging avant-jazz group Archipelago on clarinet and exploratory drums by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy / Alasdair Roberts collaborator Alex Neilson, of Trembling Bells.

Listen below and buy the LP here.