[video] Pozi – Pest Control

London-based outfit Pozi will release a new album Smiling Pools on May 19 via PRAH Recordings (pre-order it here).

We have already heard a steady run of new songs — “Slightly Shaking Cells”, “Failing”, “M6 Toll” and now the trio shares a fourth single, “Pest Control”, another excellent number that goes much beyond post-punk boundaries and showcases Pozi’s ability to mix punk, avant-garde, electronic, and art rock elements into a cohesive and distinctive sound.

The track is out with the music video, directed and animated by wubacub.

Watch below.

[video] Chalk – Asking

Belfast post-punk/electronic trio Chalk doesn’t just reflect anxiety, they literally recreate it from scrap materials on their impressive new single “Asking”. It would be included in the band’s debut EP Conditions, set for release on May 5.

Worries grow along with how each instrument is revealed in the song. The tuned rhythm of drumsticks turns into a paranoid, nonvanishing knock. The guitars pick up this pattern, exploding from time to time with a sharp flurry of sound. Against this background, the slightly trembling voice of vocalist Ross Cullen seems to be the only echo of something alive. Morbid atmosphere permeates everything and turns into raw industrial noise — the right soundscape to reflect on your past.

The song is paired with a cinematic music video, directed by Benedict Goddard.

Watch below and get the track here.

[video] Robbing Millions – Believe Her

Robbing Millions, a project of Belgian musician Lucien Fraipont, has unveiled a new song “Believe Her” as the latest preview of his upcoming album Rêve Party. It is set for release on April 28 via Capitane Records / Born Loser Records / Requiem Pour Un Twister and will also include previously shared singles “Elastics” and “Same Skin”.

“Believe Her” is a fantastic psychedelic pop number that truly can transport you to a different world. The combination of different genres and the use of various effects create a soundscape that is both familiar and otherworldly. As described by the artist himself, the song was written in the aftermath of an argument between Fraipont and his girlfriend of the time, and it reminds us of the importance of supporting one’s friends and partners in the face of life’s hardships:

“I think that at the time of composing the piece, I was coming out of a lively discussion with my then girlfriend who had reproached me for not taking her side in a misadventure she’d had, and for my playing the role of “devil’s advocate” a little too diligently. The «You’d Better Believe Her» hook must have come to me as a reaction to this discussion, as a sort of mantra to remind me to support her more, but also as a reminder to myself”.

The single is out with the cool animated video created by Mickey Miles.

Watch it below and pre-order the LP here.

[video] Juan Wauters – Milanesa al Pan

Juan Wauters has shared a video for his new hit single “Milanesa al Pan” (featuring Zoe Gotusso), which serves as the taster of his upcoming new record Wandering Rebel. It is out on June 2 via Captured Tracks.

An excellent animated music video for the song was created by Dante Zaballa.

Watch below and pre-order the album here.

[video] Treeboy & Arc – Retirement

Set for release on July 7 via EMI North partnered Clue Records, Leeds’ Treeboy & Arc have announced their debut album titled Natural Habitat. The first single out of it is “Retirement” — a fast-paced, dynamic song that showcases the band’s distinctive blend of post-punk and art-rock influences.

The track is out with a fun music video directed by Nicholas Sayers. In it the group is performing in the absolute smallest pub they could find in Leeds, with some retired folk around, completely unaware of the racket surrounding them. Instead, people just focus on enjoying their usual day-to-day hobbies.

Watch below and pre-order the LP here.