[album] Gil’otina – Orgán


Orgán is the second LP of Kyiv-based musician Gil’otina, which was released last Friday via Worn Pop.

With 7 tracks, clоcking in at 30 minutes, the аlbum unfolds in a hypnotic, glaсial way, shaping between minimal electronics, post-punk echoes and references to the synthwave of the early 80’s, with a strong personality and contemporary touch. It is cold and melancholic, but at the same time melodious and poetic.

Stream below and get the record on Bandcamp.

[ep] Polje – Sorrow


Viktor Konstantinov from Ukraine released an excellent new EP under his Polje moniker (via Worn Pop), on which he skillfully finds the balance between coldwave, dance and synth pop sound, mixed together with engaging and somewhat abstract lyricism. 

Stream below and get it on Bandcamp.

[song] Polje – Schengen


Young Ukrainian producer Polje has released the first single from the new EP Schengen, which is set to release in June via Worn Pop. The eponymous track is described as a lyrically rhythmic post-ghetto sketch about the desire to be not here and not now.

Get the track here and stream it below. Viktor Konstantinov, the man behind the project, will perform new songs already tonight at the LOW x WORN POP event in Kyiv.