[video] YAANG – Too Much Money

Manchester trio YAANG shares an energetic and punchy new single “Too Much Money”, on which they bridge the elements of post-punk, indie rock and dance punk by creating a vibrant mix together with a distinctive personality and relatable lyrics.

Produced by Formal Sppeedwear’s Beck Clewlow, the song bites back at all the frustrating little disappointments that aggravate day-to-day life, as Oliver Duffy (guitars/vocals) explains: “Written while on a run, the lyrics are about being disillusioned with mundane and minor inconveniences dictating life (got a bad haircut, wifi bill too much, fined for driving in bus lane, sleeping in) feeling like you’ve “paid too much money” for a life that’s being controlled by little hiccups outside of your immediate control”.

The track is paired with the fun music video, directed by Harry Green, on which the group’s sampler is going on a full-on travel mode through various cities, meeting different characters along the way.

Watch below and get the single here.