[ep] Hanna Svirska – Yangola

Hanna Svirska is a Kyiv-based musician, who skilfully fuses contemporary electronica and folk motives in the music, creating her own distinctive mixture of sounds and meanings. On her newest release Yangola she is exploring the traditional themes of ancient Ukrainian folklore, blending various tales with electronic textures and vocal loops, producing a sound that is truly timeless.

Hanna’s ethereal vocals and atmospheric sounds make a dreamlike soundscape that transports listeners to a mystical world of ancient legends. It features songs such as “Chornyi Zvir” which can be translated as The Black Beast and the name of the EP Yangola (derived from the Ukrainian word for angel) stands for an imagined musical genre, like a lullaby, legend, or ballad.

Overall, the release is a stunning example of how electronic music can be used to explore folklore and mythology. Hanna’s unique approach to blending traditional elements with modern production techniques creates an impressive and otherworldly listening experience.

Stream below and purchase the EP here, out now via Standard Deviation.

[album] Mandy, Indiana – i’ve seen a way

Inventive and experimental, i’ve seen a way by Mandy, Indiana is absolutely a must-listen album for fans of loud industrial/noise music with a tinge of darkwave flair. It is a bold and confrontational statement that showcases the band’s unique approach to music creation with tracks featuring jagged rhythms and unconventional structures that defy traditional conventions.

There are no similar songs here and each of them is a unique creation in its own way, starting from the gorgeous synthy instrumental “Love Theme (4K VHS)” and right till the closing of the LP, with the commanding “Sensitivity Training” that hypnotizes with its militaristic drums and overall wall of sound, adding to a deeply cathartic listening experience.

Fearless, at times abrasive and challenging, the album leaves the listener feeling emotionally drained but satisfied. A masterpiece that is ultimately rewarding for those willing to dive in.

Listen below and buy the record here.

[ep] Opus Kink – My Eyes, Brother!

Fun, debauched, deranged etc. — many words can help describe the spirit of Opus Kink’s new EP My Eyes, Brother! which are all correct but they won’t give a full picture of how they sound (on record and also live, which is probably the best way to experience this band).

The generous 7-track release is a true gem of garage rock and punk, jazz and everything else you can imagine. From the opening track “Chains”, Opus Kink throw everything in the mix and grab you with catchy instrumentation and sing-along choruses, showcasing their undeniable talent in translating raw energy and inspiration into brilliantly recorded audio material.

Stream below and buy the EP here, out now via Nice Swan Records.

[album] Pablo Volt y J.G.G. – Mordida

Mordida is the first LP collaboration between Pablo Volt and J.G.G., who previously played together in Kou Keri Kou. Out now on Barcelona’s Ediciones Populares, the album is an interesting mix of various influences masterfully combined into the organic whole by two talented musicians.

Released right on time in sunny May with its mesmerizing soundscapes and intricate compositions, Mordida has some dub sequences, a huge Latin-American influence, relaxed jazz elements and a ringing ambience. All added up together, we get a highly-enjoyable collection with a sense of weightlessness that transports the listener to another world.

Check it out below and buy the album here.

[ep] Saloon Dion – Muckers

Saloon Dion from Bristol have been around for a couple of years, releasing singles, playing gigs and building up momentum to put out a collection of songs. Now the wait is over, with the debut EP Muckers out earlier this week, and it solidifies the group’s place as one of the most exciting bands in the post-punk revival.

Five-piece draws influences from classic hardcore bands such as Fugazi and Title Fight, and 90’s Britpop legends like Suede and Blur, creating their own brand of fast-paced punk rock with infectious hooks and politically acute subject matter of songs. Punchy and thought-provoking, it is a solid DIY release from the group that is certainly worth your time.

Stream below and buy the EP here.