[song] Leo Walrus – Can You Swim?

Photo by Alex Irvine

Singer/songwriter Leo Walrus shares the second and final teaser of his upcoming debut LP I May Need Some Silence, which will be out June 30 via Evil Tree No. 3 Records.

Titled “Can You Swim?”, this dreamy track features Leo’s signature charming vocals, accompanied by gentle keyboards and jazzy, neo-soul sensibilities. It is simple yet effective, transporting the listener somewhere far away with its melancholic mood.

Check it out below and get the song here.

[ep] LauradeDíaz – Grupo Fr​á​gil

Fragile and dreamy Grupo Frágil, the new release by LauradeDíaz on Barcelona label Ediciones Populares, is 10 minutes of utter bliss.

It has environment recordings and is based on handmade tape loops, making a stunning example of how field recordings can be used to create immersive ambient music that puts the listener in the state somewhere between sleep and wakefulness. Its combination of sounds offers a soothing listening experience that encourages reflection and connection with the world around us.

Listen below and purchase the release here.

[song] Isaac Watters – Coconut in the Street

The new single from Isaac Watters, “Coconut in the Street”, is a groovy slice of his ethereal psychedelic pop. It is the second song taken from his upcoming Extended Play 002 (after “All I Need”), which will be out on August 30 via hi-res records.

On it the artist embarks on a surreal nighttime walk through LA, meeting various characters and painting vignettes of interesting encounters and situations. A hazy and infectious earworm, it analyses the growing differences between the wealthy and poor in the city, shedding light on the problems it causes and keeping it entertaining for the listener at the same time.

Stream below and get the track here.

[video] Fiddlehead – Sullenboy

Fiddlehead have shared a music video for the loud and big new single “Sullenboy”, an emotional piece which mixes the group’s post-hardcore intensity with catchy hooks and memorable melodies.

The song arrives as a first taster of their new album Death Is Nothing To Us, set for release on August 18. The record will complete the thematic trilogy that began with their previous two releases, Springtime and Blind and Between The Richness.

Watch below and pre-order the LP here.

[song] Echo Ladies – Awake

Photo by Albin Bogren

Malmö trio Echo Ladies will release their sophomore album Lillies on September 8 via Rama Lama Records / Gazehop Records.

Along with the news, they are sharing a new single “Awake”, and if you are searching for a summer anthem to soundtrack your upcoming months, look no further. It is a captivating and melancholic track with a strong dreamgaze nature that references many of the genre’s greats and adds a personal touch.

Check it out below and pre-order the album here.