[video] Pozi – Pest Control

London-based outfit Pozi will release a new album Smiling Pools on May 19 via PRAH Recordings (pre-order it here).

We have already heard a steady run of new songs — “Slightly Shaking Cells”, “Failing”, “M6 Toll” and now the trio shares a fourth single, “Pest Control”, another excellent number that goes much beyond post-punk boundaries and showcases Pozi’s ability to mix punk, avant-garde, electronic, and art rock elements into a cohesive and distinctive sound.

The track is out with the music video, directed and animated by wubacub.

Watch below.

[song] headboy – Cement

Photo by Asha Lyons Sumroy

With their new EP Was It What You Thought arriving on June 9 via Blitzcat Records, London trio headboy is giving us the first taster of what to expect — an irresistible, math rock inspired guitars-infused new single “Cement”.

The driving bassline and pounding drums create a sense of urgency and momentum, while the jagged guitar riffs add an edge of aggression and rebellion.

Elaborating on the lyrical inspiration behind the new track, the band shared the following: “In the heat of a turbulent summer, misrule reigned. Cement is about taking stock and refuge in the comfort of your friends and the people around you; and the rediscovery of friendship. It includes advice from Mars’ grandfather ‘don’t count the days it slows them down’ – a warning against wishing away life”.

Stream below and pre-order the EP here.

[ep] Xiu Xiu – Ignore Grief (Remixes)

Having created one the most experimental and interesting records of 2023 so far in the form of Ignore Grief, Xiu Xiu gave their fans another treat earlier this week — a brilliant remixes collection of two tracks from the album.

It features A Place To Bury Strangers’ adaptation of “Brothel Creeper” and Rawzilk’s 14-minute rework of “Pahrump”. Fans of experimental music and avant-garde soundscapes are sure to find something to love in these boundary-pushing re-imaginations of what already are the jewels of harsh, abrasive and truly fascinating sound creations.

Listen below and buy the release on Bandcamp.

[album] Connections – Cool Change

Connections from Columbus (Ohio) return with a new record titled Cool Change, on which the band draws on a wide range of influences, from punk rock to classic rock to DIY indie.

The result is a sound that is both cohesive and extremely catchy, with a sense of playfulness that is characteristic of the best traditions of the US indie rock music scene. Throughout the album, the group’s songwriting shines, with lyrics capturing all possible themes, both hyper-regional and universal. The vocals are raw and emotive, perfectly complementing the band’s rock sound.

Listen below and purchase the LP here, out now via Trouble In Mind Records.

[video] Chalk – Asking

Belfast post-punk/electronic trio Chalk doesn’t just reflect anxiety, they literally recreate it from scrap materials on their impressive new single “Asking”. It would be included in the band’s debut EP Conditions, set for release on May 5.

Worries grow along with how each instrument is revealed in the song. The tuned rhythm of drumsticks turns into a paranoid, nonvanishing knock. The guitars pick up this pattern, exploding from time to time with a sharp flurry of sound. Against this background, the slightly trembling voice of vocalist Ross Cullen seems to be the only echo of something alive. Morbid atmosphere permeates everything and turns into raw industrial noise — the right soundscape to reflect on your past.

The song is paired with a cinematic music video, directed by Benedict Goddard.

Watch below and get the track here.