[song] headboy – Cement

Photo by Asha Lyons Sumroy

With their new EP Was It What You Thought arriving on June 9 via Blitzcat Records, London trio headboy is giving us the first taster of what to expect — an irresistible, math rock inspired guitars-infused new single “Cement”.

The driving bassline and pounding drums create a sense of urgency and momentum, while the jagged guitar riffs add an edge of aggression and rebellion.

Elaborating on the lyrical inspiration behind the new track, the band shared the following: “In the heat of a turbulent summer, misrule reigned. Cement is about taking stock and refuge in the comfort of your friends and the people around you; and the rediscovery of friendship. It includes advice from Mars’ grandfather ‘don’t count the days it slows them down’ – a warning against wishing away life”.

Stream below and pre-order the EP here.

[song] Eyesore & The Jinx – An Ideas Man

There is a possibility that you are one of the lucky ones who did not suffer from the ubiquitous economic, energy and housing crisis, but the probability of this is quite low. While each of us is thinking about where to find the money to pay for the recalculation of expenses for the winter we endured, landlords enjoy their passive income (while blaming young people for their “insolvency”).

Liverpool trio Eyesore & The Jinx are fed up with this and are lashing out with caustic sarcastic comments about society (or rather, about its individual representatives) on their new track “An Ideas Man”. Under the brisk rhythm of bass guitar and drums, the group makes fun of exploitation disguised as good deeds. As the phrase goes, the first step to solving a problem is speaking it out loud.

The single was recorded in the Summer of 2022 at Yellowbird Studio (Wirral) with producer and mixer Daniel Fox (Gilla Band) at the helm. It would also be released on a 7″ with the B-Side “Do What You Love” on May 5.

Check it out below and pre-order the release here.

[song] Talking Flowers – Storytelling & Bedroom Wall

In 2021 Malmö musician Astrid Lagerstedt shared her debut release under the moniker Talking Flowers, and now she is following it up with a brand new double single “Storytelling” b/w “Bedroom Wall”. Out now on Rama Lama Records, it was recorded in the legendary Tambourine Studios in Malmö (bob hund, The Cardigans etc.) and produced by Joar Sylvan.

Both tracks are stunningly beautiful pieces that demonstrate the musician’s exceptional talent as a songwriter and vocalist. The songs’ dreamy, introspective sound and poignant lyrics make them stand out in the current indie landscape and are a must-listen for fans of vintage psychedelic pop.

Listen below and get the release here.

[song] FEWS – Strafe

Photo by Tobias Widman

A wave of post-punk revival at the beginning of the 00s left us with a rich legacy that became a basis for the birth of many other projects. As proven by the band during many live performances, FEWS can easily be categorized as modern reanimators of this sound.

Singles from their upcoming album Glass City only confirm this, and the new track “Strafe” is no exception. Armed with tight basslines, vibrant guitars and slightly detached vocals, the group explore new shades of post-punk that seem to be rediscovered over and over again.

Stream below and pre-order the record here.

[song] Guest Singer – Puppy

Dancing at night under a disco ball (even if you have a bedside lamp instead of a disco ball) is often a perfect setting for the development of existential thoughts. London-based duo Guest Singer reproduce this process on their new single “Puppy”, a dark indie pop track with galloping synth lines and Jake Cope’s elegant vocal delivery.

Inspired by the book Humankind by Rutger Bergman, the duo share their thoughts about the nature of human kindness — a phenomenon that is either natural or cultivated by society. Answers to such profound questions are not easy to find, so the mood of the song follows the rules of a melancholy pop anthem — even if it seems that you have found the roots of the problem, let others find solutions themselves.

Listen below.