[song] Wheatness – The Future

“The Future” is a new single by Odesa-based musician Dmytro Vaskovets (who performs under the moniker Wheatness), and it showcases the skilled, passionate and fully-formed artist with a clear vision. The driving force behind the release, in author’s words, was an unstoppable reflection on the events of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

It is a beautiful and fine-crafted collection of three songs, which shows that during his time in other bands (such as Night Dew Call), the artist was formulating his own sound and stumbled upon a fresh and exciting take on it — Wheatness’s melancholy-tinged shoegaze melodies are ambitious, big and loud. With no fillers and messing around, it’s an energetic, punchy and pure roar of independent music.

All tracks on the release were written, recorded, performed, and mixed by Dmytro himself. The single is out via Liky Pid Nohamy, a brand new record label from Ukraine, which recently unveiled its debut compilation VA. NOTATOK 1 (that also features Wheatness) and the debut LP by another Odesa artist Volodymyr Chyhrynets’.

Stream below and purchase the single on Bandcamp.

[song] whenyoung – Unchained

Having teased us already with the singles “A Little Piece Of Heaven” and “The Laundress”, whenyoung share another stunning indie pop cut “Unchained”.

It is taken from the duo’s upcoming album Paragon Songs, set for release on April 7. The record, described as a self-help and rite of passage album, was written between a cottage in County Clare on the West coast of Ireland, and in a flat on a street called Paragon on the East coast of England.

The group would also embark on a tour in April 2023 across the UK and Ireland. More information regarding the dates and tickets can be found here.

Listen to the song below and pre-order the LP.

[song] Mozart Estate – Relative Poverty

At the beginning of next year, the legendary musician Lawrence (Felt, Denim, Go-Kart Mozart) will return with his new album under the moniker Mozart Estate. Titled Pop-Up! Ker-Ching! And The Possibilities Of Modern Shopping, it is set for release on January 27 through Cherry Red Records.

The album would include two new songs “Record Store Day” and “Relative Poverty”, which were also out on a limited edition 10″ Vinyl. Both of them are real smashing pop hits, and the second one is a fan favorite and also the highlight of the group’s live set, so it is very cool to get a fresh studio recording of it!

Make sure to check out the official video for it as well, which was directed by Douglas Hart and Valerie Phillips. And also browse the new Lawrence Land store, which has some truly awesome stuff there, like an essential Lookin’ For Lawrence package for fans and some cool T-Shirts.

Listen to the single below and pre-order the LP here.

[song] Teleman – Easy Now I’ve Got You

Having teased us already with the lead single “Short Life”, English trio Teleman shares another cut “Easy Now I’ve Got You” from their upcoming new LP (first one in 5 years). It is a big and atmospheric indie pop number that carries in it everything that we like about this group.

Singer and guitarist Thomas Sanders explains the meaning behind the track: ““Easy Now I’ve Got You” deals with the theme of building a safe and comfortable life alone, but realising that it’s ultimately unfulfilling because you have to put your neck on the line and risk being hurt in order to experience meaningful relationships. I think the whole meaning of life is making and nurturing connections”.

Good Time / Hard Time will be out April 7 through Moshi Moshi Records. The band also announced a slew of UK dates for next year. Get early access to tickets by pre-ordering the album on their website.

Listen to the single below.

[song] Enter Laughing – Met Me Wen I Landed

North London-based band Enter Laughing just debuted with the powerful single “Met Me When I Landed”. On it four-piece plays with contrasts by mixing cosmic synths, marching rhythms and monotonous vocals that gain momentum on the repeated lines of “Just say when it’s over”.

The song is very impressive and leaves the listener wanting more. We hope that the group will not wait too long before sharing the next one!

Listen below and get the track here, out now via Permanent Creeps Records.